Thank you for visiting Lu Gold Educational Consulting (Lu Gold EDC). We are excited to guide and direct you on your educational journey as a Student, Parent, Teacher or Academic Institution. Let's tell you a bit more about Lu Gold EDC so we can help you find the right service and pair you with one of our Team members to take care of your educational and academic needs.


  • Undergraduate & Postgraduate Admissions
  • Visa Advisory Services
  • Examination Registrations
  • Scholarship Opportunities
  • Student Guardianship
  • Student Exchange Programmes
  • Emigration Services
  • Curriculum Development
  • School & Teacher Development


Lu Gold EDC operates out of Nigeria, West Africa. From here we directly serve our clients in Nigeria and Ghana and remotely offer our services to clients in East and South Africa. Currently, Lu Gold EDC does not offer services in North Africa.

We have a team of trained counselors and placement officers who are readily available to attend to the needs of our clients. Lu Gold EDC is optimistic when working with talented people, and we are always excited to add on more external Counselors, Placement Officers and Affiliates in various African Countries.


Lu Gold EDC is directly partnered with several International Pathway Providers, Universities, Colleges, Examination Bodies in Africa, UK, USA, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. These partners enable us to offer our clients the following:

  • Direct Admission to Undergraduate & Post graduate Courses in UK, USA, ASIA, AUSTRALIA, CANADA and EUROPE. 

  • Pathway Programmes to Undergraduate and Postgraduate Courses

  • Training and Preparation Programmes for Examinations and Aptitude Tests

  • Curriculum Development & Partnership Opportunities for Teachers and Institutions

A few of our strategic partners are shown below:


Lu Gold EDC has been successfully operating for over a decade, either on its own or under a different name in partnership with another organisation. Lu Gold EDC is a subsidiary of Lu Gold Integrated Concept Ltd, an international company with interests in various sectors.

Lu Gold EDC jointly owns ACCESS Group of Schools (AGOS). An International Institution in Nigeria comprising of Pre-Primary, Primary, Secondary Schools and a Pre-University College. This institution has been in operation for over 20 years and has graduated more than 1000 students with at least 20% of these students successfully completing their further studies abroad.

To find out more about our institution (AGOS), please visit their website at www.accessgroupofschools.com


  • Successful Placement of over 60 students in Universities in the United Kingdom.

  • Successful Placement of over 40 students in Universities in the United States of America.

  • Successful Placement of over 18 students in Universities in Canada.

  • Successful Placement of over 30 students in Universities in the European Union.

  • Successful Placement of over 20 students in Universities in Asia.

  • Successful Placement of over 5 students in Universities in the Middle East.

  • Successful Placement of over 5 students in Universities in Australia.

  • More than 40 Partial and Full Scholarships Secured and Used.

  • More than 200 Student Visas Processed Successfully.

  • More than 7 Emigration Applications completed and approved.

  • ZERO VISA REFUSALS – None of our registered clients have received a Student Visa Refusal, 100% Visa approval rate.

  • More than 200 Students Trained and Prepared for English Proficiency Examinations.

  • More than 15 Yearly Series of Cambridge British Council GCSE Examinations successfully conducted.

  • More than 400 teachers & Academic Staff successfully trained and certified in various Professional Courses.

  • More than 20 International Partnerships completed for Academic Institutions

  • 98% Graduation Rate of all our Student Clients.

  • Clients in 6 African Countries.


We understand you might be here for one of many reasons. Our goal is to ensure that you are served in a timely manner and we answer as many questions as possible on this website before you have a direct interaction with us. The Graphic below is a typical workflow we advise all our potential clients to follow:

A team member is always available to attend to your Live Chats, Phone Calls or Social Media messages. Please note that sessions with a counselor or agent can be done in person or remotely over Skype or any other client-preferred method.

After an initial assessment with a Counselor or agent, WE DO NOT PROCEED WITH SERVICES UNTIL A CONSULTANCY AGREEMENT IS SIGNED. This policy is key to our success rate, as it permits the client to formally present their expectations and allows us to clearly inform the client on what is attainable before we proceed with service delivery.

More importantly, it is against our policy to give a client the impression that an outcome can be achieved based on trial and error or wishful thinking. A thorough assessment is done on each client and if the requirements are not met, we would recommend what actions to take to immediately fulfill these requirements. If this can not be achieved, we politely advise such client to try again in the future after they have executed the necessary steps to meet the stated requirements.


Your next steps depend on how much information you have about your choices. If you are seeking admission and not certain about what course or University is right for you, then please Book an Appointment With a Counsellor. 

If you are seeking admission and are certain about your course of study, please visit our Undergraduate Admissions, Postgraduate Admissions or Degree Finder pages to find a match for your chosen course of study.

If you wish to register and prepare for Tests and Examinations, please visit the Examinations Registration page.

For assistance with your Visa Applications, please go to the Visa Advisory Services page.

For the latest news and information on Discounts and Scholarships please visit the Scholarship Opportunities page.

If you are a Teacher, School or Government Agency please visit our School & Teacher Development Page

If you are an existing client, please proceed to the Student or Teacher Portals.

For potential partnerships and affiliations, please send us a mail at eds@lugold.com 

You may start a Live Chat with any of our team members or request an international call-back HERE

Our Online Educational Forum has a lot of topics and frequently asked questions. Read more HERE


All of our clients have unique cases and requirements. They all have one thing in common, their educational journey through Lu Gold has been a Success. 

Shown below are a few of our clients who are comfortable with sharing their Lu Gold Success Stories. 

Click on any of their images for a summary of their destinations and pathways. Their full stories can be found at Student testimonials

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